Christine Rosander


Christine Rosander teaches voice and piano to children and adults and has 15 years experience. She works with beginners as well as professionals, is intuitive and kind while inspiring her students to high standards.
Christine grew up in Elk Grove, California – outside Sacramento. She learned to sing from her mother, a voice and piano teacher, and honed her talent singing in church. She started soloing at age five. Later, Christine earned her bachelor's degree in vocal performance and commercial composing and arranging from Cal State Long Beach. She went on to receive a master's degree in jazz studies from USC. Christine recently released her debut CD, "Smooth Ride," which is available on Amazon and iTunes.

Here's a testimonial about Christine:

To Whom It May Concern,
Christine Rosander has taught singing lessons to my daughter Lexington for about 8 years.
Lexi has a beautiful voice, an ability to memorize lyrics quickly and easily, and an "ear" for music. She also has autism.
Until Lexi began to work weekly with Christine, she was unable to successfully process information and take direction, transition from activity to activity without a great deal of support, or stop any activity (including singing a song) before it was finished.
Under the patient and loving guidance of Christine, Lexi has blossomed. Not only has she truly encouraged Lexi to find her "voice," but she continues to inch the bar higher and higher, allowing Lexi to rise above the challenges she faces due to her disability and to reach potentials we never knew she possessed. This is no small achievement.
Christine has an innate way of relating to Lexi, as a singer first--and an individual with autism second; she treats her as any other student, that is, with respect but a no-nonsense approach, and this allows Lexi to experience this part of her life fully and completely.
It affords her dignity and the opportunity to learn about music from an exemplary muse.
Christine has been able to open doors for Lexi that otherwise might have remained closed and for this I am forever indebted to her. She is not only a great talent in her own right--she is, truly, a gifted and inspiring teacher.
I would highly recommend Christine in almost any capacity--as a musician, teacher, performer...and friend.

Hillary Kessler